Aldizio Abrasivi - Professional abrasives and cosmetics


The company Aldizio Abrasivi s.n.c., originally started with the name Aldizio Franco, its founder and was born in 60's as a manufacturing company of abrasive pastes for the superficial treatment of metals.

This range of products has been constantly brought up-to-date by the research of prime materials, always more advanced in order to obtain more specific abrasives compounds and with an excellent quality-price relationship.

The continual demand on behalf of existing clients and the general market demand has enabled the firm's production to widen with the inclusion of the product "paste for washing hands"; this will be followed by a complete line of cosmetics for washing hands, continually more developed and with a constant and growing attention towards the epidermis/skin and the environment, thanks to a continual greater devotion to this field.

The company Aldizio Abrasivi, strengthened by an essential and dynamic organisation is able to supply a service which is unique in its field for quality and flexibility.


Aldizio Abrasivi s.n.c. - Viale Europa 52, Gorla Maggiore (VA)
Tel +39 0331365420 - Fax +39 0331604836