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A highly concentrated degreasing liquid for hard surfaces. Polymax is a moderately alcaline, energetic detergent with a solvent action for dirty "greases". It is suitable for cleaning mechanical equipment, work surfaces, industrial plants, floors, painted surfaces, fixtures or alluminium surfaces etc. It has a lemon or pine fragrance.

Recommended for: communities, garages and general industry.

Instructions for use: put the pure or diluted product on the surface to be cleaned, wait a few minutes whilst it works, then rinse and dry if necessary. Dilution: POLYMAX may be diluted in both hot or cold water; it may be used pure according to the amount of dirt to be removed.

- Industrial maintenance: from 20 gr of the product for a litre of water to pure.
- Floor washing: from 5 gr to 100 gr of the product for a litre of water, even if using floor washing machines.
- Other surfaces: from 5 gr to 100 gr of the product for a litre of water.

Warning: this product irritates the eyes and skin, so it is advised to use rubber gloves. Do not use more than the recommended amounts. Keep it away children.

Article CodeSizePackage
D02701 Drum ml. 1000 Box of 15 items
D02805 Drum ml. 5000 Box of 4 items
D06005 Drum ml. 5000 Single
D02910 Drum Lt. 10 Single
Product and packed according to the law n 136 of 26/04/83

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