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Liquid Washing Hands cream

This is a liquid washing hands cream. It originated as an alternative to the white washing hands cream but keeps the same highly powerful detergent, the high concentration of active substances and it does not have any sand and/or mineral traces.

The most important characteristic of this product is the "fluidity" which allows the use of a doser, so avoiding the contamination of the product with germs or bacteria which could be on the hands of the consumers.

Recommended for: all types of dirt which are difficult to clean.

Instructions for use: put a small quantity of the product on dry hands and rub well; then rinse with plenty of water.

Article CodeSizePackage
LO6101 Bottle ml. 1000 Box of 15 items + 15 dosers
LO6201 Bottle ml. 1000 Box of 15 reloaders
LO1205 Drum ml. 5000 Box of 4 items + 4 dosers
LO1405 Drum ml. 5000 Box of 4 reloaders
LO1905 Drum ml. 5000 Single + dosers
LO3605 Drum ml. 5000 Single + reloaders
Produced and packed according to the Directive CEE 93/35

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