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Pro Washing Hands liquid

A liquid soap with a highly powerful degreasing action, ideal for all types of dirt. Even after frequent use the hands remain soft. It has a lemon fragrance.

Recommended for: garages, transport, iron and steel industries etc.

Instructions for use: put a small quantity of the product on dry hands and rub well, then rinse well with plenty of water.

Article CodeSizePackage
LO5101 Bottle ml. 1000 Box of 15 items + 15 dosers
LO2101 Bottle ml. 1000 Box of 15 reloaders
LO2205 Drum ml. 5000 Box of 4 items
LO5205 Drum ml. 5000 Single
LO2310 Drum Lt. 10 Single
Produced and packed according to the Directive CEE 93 / 35

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